Shimano SH-MW7 Winter Bike Shoes


Cycling and mountain biking are two very popular sports and besides the proper bicycle, shoes are very important part of the equipment as well. Especially if you like to ride a bicycle during winter or rainy conditions. These SH-MW7 Winter Bike Shoes by Shimano are waterproof and completely insulated with Gore-Tex for comfort and protection from the cold.

The rubber outsole will provide you with the necessary grip and traction during slippery and wet conditions. The sole is also equipped with “Torbal” technology that offers a better connection to the pedals and allows lateral movement for enhanced control. The insole is fleece-lined in order to retain heat and keep your feet warm during longer winter rides.

A person wearing bike shoes and walking on snow.

These shoes are equipped with GORE-TEX Insulated for warmth and comfort during winter.[source]

Shimano SH-MW7 Winter Bike Shoes are painted black with stylish gray details. These boots also have 360º reflective details to keep you visible in the dark. They’re designed to cover your ankles, so you don’t have to worry about debris getting inside your shoes. The midsole is also equipped with “Torbal” technology which provides the rider with a natural “flow” motion during technical downhills.

One shoe captured from an angle.

Insole on these shoes has a fleece liner for added insulation and heat retention.

Two shoes captured from above and below.

These Shimano bicycle shoes are completely covered with synthetic leather.

These bicycle shoes also have an extra toe box  which allows a variety of foot shapes without affecting the length fit. Synthetic leather upper is stretch-resistant and it’s much lighter than the natural leather uppers. The lacing system is very simple and easy to use. Shimano SH-MW7 Winter Bike Shoes are best when combined with Shimano PD-M8020 Pedals. These bicycle shoes weigh only 1.3 pounds (589g), so you won’t even notice that you have them on.

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A shoe captured from the side.

These shoes are completely waterproof and they have highly reflective patterns for biking during the dark.

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