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With amazing technological innovations taking place every day, it is pleasing to know that so is augmented reality eyewear. We are all familiar with Google Glass that’s being developed by the elusive Google X but the glasses are chunky and impractical. Luckily, Laforge Optical has beaten them with their Shima Glasses.

Shima Glasses are unique in the fact that the display system is almost completely invisible, contrary to the cyborg-esque style of Google Glass, and they come in both normal and prescription forms.

Designed for the smartphone addicts around the globe, Shima allows you to stream data straight from your smartphone onto the lenses of the glasses which in turn completely augments your reality. It is an advancement to normal human perception.

Man wearing Shima glasses and a picture of the notifications

Apart from looking stylish and coming in a variety of designs, the Shima glasses allow all your essential info to be displayed directly over your field of vision.

By using touch and multi-touch gestures on the arms of the glasses, you gain the ability to view notifications, control and listen to music, view date and time, use 3rd party widgets, answer a call, record Vine videos, take pictures and even use a teleprompter. All of this is in the ‘Normal’ mode.

Normal and active modes of the Shima glasses

The ‘Normal’ mode (pictured above) and the ‘Active’ mode (pictured below) each display information that is relevant to what you are doing at the moment.

Driving mode automatically activates when you reach a speed of 17 miles per hour and this mode mutes other notifications, gives you turn-by-turn direction as well as estimated time of arrival, a preview of upcoming turns as well as the street that you’re on, and, of course, an odometer to tell you how fast you are going. All displayed directly over your vision.

Shot of the driving mode and of the Shima arm features

The driving mode gives you much needed info such as speed, destination and GPS while the arms of the Shima glasses are packed full of features. Not pictured here is the fact that you control the Shima with touch features on the arms of the glasses.

The active mode was designed for exercise and includes a step counter, running and cycling routes, as well as miles ran and other features. Check out the video below.

To power all of this and give you these abilities the Shima Glasses are powered by 180MHz ARM Cortex-M4 processor and includes a variety of sensors such as a gyroscope, accelerometer, magnetometer and many others.

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