How much space do you need to hang a bike in your home? Very little, if you have Bike Shelfie, an intelligent solution for bicycle storage. This is a one-piece shelf designed by Juergen Beneke which can be attached to any wall inside your house. The good thing about Bike Shelfie is that the bike is hanged in a way that the seat, instead of the frame, carries its entire weight which eliminates the possibility of your bike damaging the wall.

Beneke says that he designed Bike Shelfie with every type of bicycle in mind since he owns several. You can also use the shelf to store helmets, gloves, trophies, knee and elbow pads or whichever piece of gear you use for riding. Even if you are not a bicycle person you can use Shelfie for displaying an old classic bicycle as an art or show piece which could be a great conversation starter. Bike Shelfie has a rather unique, contemporary design. The shelf is strong and durable while also being very practical.

Shelfie bike shelf

The shelf is made from injection-moulded high quality plastic and comes with self-adhesive vinyl protectors in different colours for easy customization. The project sought crowdfunding on Kickstarter and a total of $40,000 was pledged. The goal was $30,000. If everything goes well with mass production, Shelfie is supposed to ship in October 2014. watch video below

Bicycle shelf

Shelfie bike shelf

Shelfie bike shelf

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