Shark RAW Blank Helmet


The main task of a helmet is to keep your head in one piece of course, but sometimes we all want something that also looks awesome. This new Shark RAW Blank Helmet is a motorcycle helmet that looks like something a fighter pilot would wear.

This Shark helmet has a thermoplastic shell with goggles and a plastic face mask to create a comfortable and strong helmet for your city or off-road adventures. It has a ventilation system that will cool your head down and prevent sweating during hot days. It has to be said that the face mask is not strong enough to endure impacts, but on the other hand it does a pretty good job when it comes to keeping insects and road debris out of your mouth and face area.

Two black helmets captured from the side.

This helmet features a double anti-fog and anti-scratch visor

The Shark RAW Blank Helmet is constructed from injected thermoplastic resin and it’s available in 3 sizes – Extra Small, Small and Large. The interior of the helmet is filled with natural fiber. Ventilation system uses air vents and diffusers in order to keep you cool and comfortable. The top vent has only two positions – fully open and fully closed.

Two helmets captured from behind.

This helmet comes with a 5-year warranty.

This helmet is equipped with a quick release goggle system that also allows eyeglass wearers to easily put it on without having to adjust their glasses. Visor is completely made of double anti-fog and anti-scratch glass. This helmet also features face protection mask and an aerodynamic outer shell.

Green helmet captured from the front.

The look of Shark helmet was inspired by the look of the fighter pilot’s helmet.

This Shark RAW Blank Helmet weighs only 4.8 pounds (2.1 kg), so carrying it around won’t be too hard. Helmet comes in 4 different colors – black, matte black, matte green and white. Most of us can’t be fighter pilots, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t look like that while riding our motorcycles.

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Guy on a bike wearing the helmet captured from the side.

This helmet also features a Quick Release Goggle System and face mask.

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