Some of the most original products came about totally by chance. Swiss engineer George De Mestral, took his dog out and, on his return, noticed several cockleburs stuck to his clothes and his dog’s fur. He took his microscope out and examined thousands of small hooks that line cockleburs. He was amazed how they could easily attach to the small loops in clothing and fur. And, voilà, Velcro was born! Another great product, the Serendipity Wine Rack, also came about accidentally. This gravity-defying rack is made from reclaimed oak staves, sanded smooth to reveal striking flecks and stained with Danish oil.

The rack is handcrafted in Oregon by Jon Rossitto of Rossitto Woodworks and it can hold up to 15 bottles which should be inserted neck first. The rack’s dimensions are approximately 36’’ by 15’’.

Serendipity Wine Rack can be purchased at (the prices range from $225 to $250)

Serendipity Wine Rack Front View

Serendipity Wine Rack Side View

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