Self-Filling Fontus Water Bottle


When you’re on a hike or you’re riding a mountain bike far away from civilization, you’re going to need a lot of water, but sometimes it’s heavy to carry a lot of water with you. We present you the Fontus self-filling bottle that is able to concentrate moisture from the air around you and produce drinkable water.

Fontus is a small start-up company from Austria that plans to release two types of Fontus bottle –  Airo and the Ryde. Airo model will be used mostly by hikers and people who love exploring nature on foot. On the other hand, Ryde type is designed especially for bikers and it comes with the special mount for a standard bicycle.

A man mounting the bottle to his bike.

This Fontus bottle collects the moisture from the air in order to create drinkable water.

Man removing the bottle from its case on a bike.

This bottle comes with a universal mount for a standard bicycle.

People from Fontus claim that this bottle will be able to produce up to half a liter of water in just one hour, which is impressive. This will be the case if conditions are perfect. On really hot days it’s going to be harder for the bottle to create water. It has to be said that you should not use this Fontus self-filling bottle while you’re in big cities. The pollution from the air will contaminate the water. So, use it just when you’re surrounded by nature and clean air.

Fontus bottle on the backpack.

Fontus bottle is able to create up to half a liter of water in just one hour.

Besides this project, Fontus has also joined many promising projects in the quest to collect water from the air. Three years ago MIT scientists created a special net-like material that pulls clean and drinkable water from fog. The results were very promising. These inventions could really make a difference when it comes to water supply around the world. These inventive projects could reduce poverty and help with extreme climate changes.

Three bottles captured from the front.

Fontus will release two versions of this bottle. Airo for hikers and Ryde for bikers.

Fontus hasn’t released any information regarding the price or the release date, so we’ll just have to be patient and wait. The only thing we now at this point is that the company received funding from the Austrian government to proceed with their work. Also, Fontus plans on starting a crowdfunding campaign in March in order to present this self-filling bottle to the public.

Bottle captured while sitting on the rock in the nature.

You shouldn’t use this bottle in big cities because of the pollution in the air. Use it only in nature.

Check out this presentation of the Fontus self-filling bottle here.

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