By designing the SEIL Bag, the LED equipped backpack, a bike lover Lee Myung Su made biking around the city streets safer and more comfortable. The use of this interesting piece of equipment could not be easier, but it could mean a lot to people who cycle often. Therefore the name – SEIL: Safe, Enjoy, Interact, Light.

The SEIL Backpack contains an LED that shows signals, which are started by hand using a detachable wireless controller. In such a way the rider can display direction signals, emoticons, short messages, stop and emergency signal.

Wireless controls of the SEIL Bag

Of course, the direction and emergency signals are the most useful and important, since the rider does not have to raise his hand in order to indicate his moving direction, which, understandably, could be very risky.

Cyclist using the SEIL Bag - An LED Backpack for Cyclists at night

The LED display is powered by rechargeable batteries, and the PCB (printed circuit board) is protected by Hanji paper, a traditional Korean material, due to which this product is eco-friendly, apart from being a likely life-saver.

SEIL Bag - An LED Backpack for Cyclists

According to your needs and possibilities, you have the option to choose between the three types of this gadget: backpack, hipsack or pouch. Price range for the backpack would be from $249-$299, for hipsack $199-$249, and for pouch $146-$199.

Wireless controller of the SEIL Bag

The patent is available in South Korea for now, but it waits to be accepted in the US, Japan, Europe and China. In order to achieve that, Lee Myung Su is hoping for a support with the help of Kickstarter. The SEIL Bags are planned to be delivered in March 2014. watch video below

Bicycle equipped with the SEIL Bag - An LED Backpack

SEIL Bag - An LED Backpack for Cyclists

Cyclist equipped with the SEIL Bag

Cyclists using the SEIL Bag LED backpack

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