The old proverb goes, ‘a watched pot never boils’. Well, with the unique See-Through Glass Pot, the popular saying gets quite damn literal – created by Italian designer Massimo Castagna, this exquisite piece of transparent crockery will certainly prove an attention-grabbing addition to your cupboard and make sure you keep an eye out on your food as it cooks.

Made from dense borosilicate glass instead of opaque stainless steel, this innovative see-through eight-quart pot is tempered flame-proof to be capable of withstanding super-high temperatures and the heat produced by regular stove burners. In addition to being extremely fun to watch while preparing your favorite culinary masterpieces, this transparent all-glass pot differs from traditional pots and pans in one other neat feature: thanks to the pot’s non-porous cooking area, the taste of your meal prepared in the see-through pot will not be impacted by the flavors of past meals cooked inside it or even by subtle metallic tangs that commonly seep in when making pasta and veggies in most standard steel pots. Plus, this striking all-glass pot is dishwasher safe so you need not worry about cracking it under tap rinse by accident – just take care not to drop it on a hard surface because it may not stand the fall all too well.

And if you like this crafty little piece of crockery, you should check out another innovative culinary item featured on our website, the so-called Barocook flameless cooker which warms up food without the need for gas, fire or electricity, only with the help of small packets which heat up in contact with water.

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