Sebastian Irarrazaval 2Y House

When designing the 2Y HouseSebastian Irarrazaval Architects had two things in mind. The first one was to try and integrate the house with its natural surrounding, while the second was to make it in a way that will allow a lot of natural light to come in. After nine and a half years of construction, both goals were achieved with this Chilean coast house.

Speaking of the surrounding, the house is nestled among trees, just by Chile’s Lake Colico. It’s constructed in two y-shaped forks explaining how they came up with the name. This house plan contributes to more light coming inside but also to the fact that they didn’t have to cut a lot of trees to build the house.

the entrance to the 2Y house

2Y House is located right next to Lake Colico in Chile. It was designed by Sebastian Irarrazaval Architects and it took more than 9 years to finish it.

a corner of 2y house at night

The house has a unique structure that preserved the environment. There are a lot of windows that provide residents with plenty of natural light.

The house is made from wood that’s locally sourced. Besides this reason, they went with wood because it can fit best with the environment. Also, to emphasize the green exterior, architects decided to paint the wood in red. Because of the sloped site, the structure is supported by a series of timber posts.

a big wooden terrace

The big terrace is perfect for enjoying the good weather and hanging out with friends and family.

2y house kitchen and living area

The interior features spacious communal areas and minimalistic wooden elements.

The interior also features wooden elements and a minimalistic design. Natural wood planks are found in the walls, staircase, floors and ceilings. With black slate stone details, the kitchen provides contrast to the wood. On two sides of the house, there are huge terraces that extend the interior. [via]

2Y house bedrrom

The bedroom.

two images of wooden hallways

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