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If you often have to transport oversized equipment in your car, you know what a struggle it can be. And roof racks aren’t exactly the best solution all the time. The SeatRack is a car interior storage rack that will allow you to easily and safely transport oversized pieces inside your car. That way, your equipment will remain safe and protected from the elements and potential damage. This rack can easily fit most of vehicles that have removable head rests.

The SeatRack is a good solution for transporting cargo that’s too pricey to risk damaging it or that you just don’t want to get wet. The rack is easily set up as all you need to do is pop out the headrest, adjust the width of the post, use the adaptive sleeves for the post diameters and slide them in. To further secure the cargo, you can use the 54-inch strap and metal buckle. Another option is to put on the rubber covers for protection and a better grip.

SeatRack Car Interior Storage Rack

SeatRack is an interior car rack that allows you to transport long items weighing up to 50 lbs. safely inside your car

The SeatRack Interior Cargo Rack can be used to transport large pieces such as surfboards, skis, snowboards, fishing poles, lumber, pipe and ladders. This will save you some fuel and it will eliminate the annoying wind noise that comes with old fashioned roof racks. With the interior rack, you can carry objects weighing up to 50 lbs. without damaging your car’s interior. Your gear will be safely tucked in and protected against theft and bad weather conditions.

SeatRack Car Interior Storage Rack

The SeatRack keeps your gear protected from theft and bad weather and it’s easily set up

Check out the features and benefits of the SeatRack:

  • Fast and easy installation
  • Fits seats with removable headrests
  • Adapter sleeves for various post diameters
  • Includes 54-inch strap with metal buckle
  • Protective rubber covers that provide a good grip
  • Prevents damage to your car interior
  • Keeps your gear protected from the elements and from theft
  • Perfect for transporting outdoor gear, building materials and tools
  • Optional camera/accessory mount (sold separately)
SeatRack Car Interior Storage Rack

The SeatRack comes with a 54-inch strap and metal buckle to secure your load and you can also opt for an additional camera mount

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