Wouldn’t you like to have an amphibious vehicle of your own and feel a little bit like James Bond in „The Spy Who Loved Me”? How about the Sealander Swimming Caravan – a caravan and a boat, all rolled into one?

SEALANDER Swimming Amphibious Caravan on a sandy beach

The Sealander is an innovative lightweight mobile vehicle that is primarily a custom-made caravan, but, with the help of a few handles and an outboard engine (any 5 PS long-shaft outboard engine will do) in turns into an amphibious vehicle. Because of its compact measurements (length 391 cm, width 168 cm, height 185 cm), any car can haul it. On top of that, you don’t need any special license to operate the Sealander. Just slide it into the water and go fishing, swimming or whatever your heart desires.

Interior of the SEALANDER Swimming Amphibious Caravan

There are several features of the Sealander that will make your sailing even more enjoyable – a convertible sunroof, a telescopic element that can be used as a swim ladder, and a stainless steel handrail to ensure safe boarding.

SEALANDER Swimming Amphibious Caravan being hauled by a car

The Sealander’s interior is mostly made from resin oiled or varnished wood and comprises of a table, which seats six, and can be transformed into a large bunk bed (size 200 x 156 cm) with the help of several hand grips. There is also interior lighting (LED strip behind curtain screen).

SEALANDER Swimming Amphibious Caravan

The Sealander caravan has storage below the seats and can even be customized to include a toilet, a cooler, a sound system or even a barbecue. Other features include a stainless steel wash and cooking module with cover plate, a single flame gas cooker, a tap with water pump, a 10-litre-fresh-water tank and a 10-litre-waste water tank, as well as a gas case and a fire extinguisher. We can go on and on about the Selander’s features, but the best thing about these features is that they can all be customized to your liking. In Sealander’s case seeing is believing! watch video below

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Interior design of the SEALANDER Swimming Amphibious Caravan

SEALANDER Swimming Amphibious Caravan docked with the sunset in the horizon

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