Seagate, the famous data storage company, have extremely improved hard drives with their amazing inventions, such as producing the first 5.25-inch HDD ever, and they are probably the main reason today’s hard drives are the way they are. Therefore, it’s no wonder they have been dominating the market for over 35 years, but it seems that for them it is never enough, so they took another huge step forward with their latest HDD – the absolutely brilliant Seagate Seven Hard Drive.

Seagate Seven super slim hard drive

Do not be misled by its name, since it does not refer to its capacity at all. Actually, it is about its dimensions. Believe it or not, it is only 7mm slim, which makes it the thinnest portable hard disk drive ever. With the capacity of 500GB, about 3 ounces (~90g) of weight, this small-sized portable HDD is instantly going to become a must have item for all travelers out there. Of course, the fact that it is thin, does not mean that your data is not safe. Seagate Seven Hard Drive is made of precision-crafted stainless steel and other premium materials, which means that it is very durable and resistant to almost any physical damage. It is powered by a USB 3.0 cable and your data transfer is always going to be really quick and smooth.

Seagate Seven super slim hard drive

Seagate Seven Hard Drive is a truly elegant and practical solution for all those people who always need some extra storage space, especially if they are on the road a lot. [via] watch video below

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