Screwed Up? Jebiga! – Here’s 5 Gifts To Help Say Sorry

Let’s pay homage for once to Jebiga! For all of you with your eyebrows raised wondering what the F*ck we’re talking about, take a look here. Today we’ve decided to bring you a feature on yes, you guessed it…. Jebiga. The word ‘Jebiga’ which is pronounced ‘yebi gaa’ is a commonly used slang in the Balkans. The word litterly translates to ‘F**k it’. To kick off the weekend, let’s get into it and offer up some great gifts to help say sorry when you’ve screwed up.

5 Gifts To Help Say Sorry

I know what you’re thinking, you can’t say sorry with material items but that’s not what we’re trying to do; we’re not a bunch of shallow asses here at Jebiga.

Think you can buy affection with roses and diamonds… well, here at Jebiga, we recognize that the affection of your loved one can’t be bought. We value relationships and know that they should be nurtured rather than thrown lavish gifts at to solve problems therefore we’ve put together a list of items that have more thought behind them. Think of the items in our list of gifts, to help say sorry, more as vehicles to express sincerity and pass along a message that you care.

Without further ado,

1. Comedic Book

Bring back the humor with a light read that helps laugh at yourself and is a gift guaranteed to make her smile. Sometimes all a little tension needs is laughter to break the ice. Don’t believe us, check out this recently viral video that is proof laughter is the best medicine for a healthy and happy relationship. To see the full 14 min video, check it out below.

As the wife in the video shares…
”I would tell him, I’m laughing right now but I’m still mad”

You need to be able to make each other laugh in a relationship even if you’re mad and in actuality this is the most important time when laughter should be used to heal.

Here’s a couple books to help make your partner laugh :

Click to BUY: The Longest Date (life as a wife) by Cindy Chupack

Click to BUY: So People Say You’re an Asshole by Sarah Brabbs

Click to BUY: Let’s Do Nothing by Tony Fucile

2. Massage Candle

Candlelit massage, yes please. Sometimes in the heat of the moment you say or do something that is out of character and thus may be hurtful to your significant other. It’s in times like these when you need to show affection towards your loved one and reassure them your intent is not to hurt them. What better way to show affection than through physical touch. A massage candle is great for helping relax your loved one while at the same time showing affection and the best part…who knows where a good massage can lead 😉

SHUNGA Erotic Art Massage Candles: Buy on Amazon or Buy Direct 

Honey Bridette Massage Candles: Buy Direct 

Lelo Massage Candles: Buy on Amazon or Buy Direct

3. House & Home

Ok so I know everyone always says, don’t ever buy your partner an appliance or anything for the kitchen but let us explain ourselves. We’ve added two house and home items that show thought in the small comforts. Showing you care can be in a very subtle form and we think that these items will help you do just that and will be guaranteed to help relax you’re partner.

Humor Mug – I’m sorry for what I said before I had my morning coffee: Buy on Houzz

Yellow Leaf Hammocks St. Lucia Hammock: Buy Direct

4. Tea Infuser

We don’t always have time to take our morning coffee/ tea at home or let alone wait for it to infuse or to brew. The next time your S.O is in a rush and you just so happen to also need to say sorry for something you’ve done, why not do it with one of these on the go tea and coffee infusers.

Chai Buddy: Buy on Amazon or Buy Direct

Libre: Buy on Amazon  or Buy Direct

Miu:  Buy on Amazon or Buy Direct

5. Something to Share

Tapping into one of the love languages that Dr. Gary Chapman, well known author for writing many relationship self help books, points to in his famous title The 5 Love Languages, quality time is something that we often crave and when you’re in the position where you’ve screwed up and your spouse/significant other speaks this language, the last thing you’ll want to do is give too much space. Take a look at the items below that you can use with your S.O to enjoy time together this summer.

Frescobol Beach Tennis Paddles: Buy on Amazon or Buy Direct

Osprey Exos 48: Buy on Amazon or Buy Direct

Riedel VINUM Riesling Grand Creu/Zinfandel Glasses: Buy on Amazon or Buy Direct

Can You Really Give Gifts to Help Say Sorry?

We hope that throughout our thoughtful selections you’ve found the perfect gift to help say sorry to you’re significant other for whatever type of Jebiga you’ve committed.  Remember, that although buying something and gift wrapping isn’t always the answer, depending on the situation, it may help show your thought and how much you do care. So, next time you’re in need of ideas for gifts to help say sorry, you’ll know where to come.

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