If you have someone in your life who adores travelling or would like to travel somewhere exotic, then we are going to present you with an awesome map for all who like to travel. Designed by Luckies, a company which specializes in making awesome gift products, the Scratch Map Original is the perfect tool with which you can display the countries which you have visited. Made from laminate, colored foil and paper, this map is one of the best selling products this company has made. All you have to do is scratch off the top layer of the country you visited and you will reveal it in a different color while also revealing beautifully vibrant details about that country.

Scratch Map Original dimensions

Its large dimensions allow it to be neatly placed on a wall

There are similar products on the market but the guys at Luckies are the creators of the concept and they use the best materials and refined processes to make their maps scratch perfectly and look stunning. Measuring 81.9 x 58.2 cm, this scratch map is packaged in a high quality matte finish tube so no damage will occur to it while it is being shipped or while it’s being carrying.

Scratch Map Original gift

This map makes for a nice and educational gift

As we’ve said, this product makes an amazing gift, but you can get it for yourself simply because the Scratch Map Original is too cool not to have. It even makes a perfect gift for kids, because you allow them to learn new things about other countries in an interesting way. Why do we insist on the “original” in its name? Well, over the years, Luckies has made several different types of these scratch maps, such as maps of specific countries, adventure maps and, believe it or not, a scratch globe.

Get it from Amazon here.

Check out a video showcasing the Scratch Map Original.

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