Schuberth C3 Pro Motorcycle Helmet

from $757

Helmets are an essential part of every motorcycle equipment, so you have to choose the right one for you in order to feel comfortable and safe before you sit on your bike. Schuberth C3 Pro helmets have a rear spoiler and they are very quiet at high speeds.

The C3 Pro helmet by Schuberth may not have some extraordinary design like some other helmets, but when it comes to strength and safety, C3 Pro is ranked at the very top. These helmets come in sizes from XS to 3XL, make sure you consult the sizing chart.

A black helmet captured from the side.

This helmet is aerodynamically tuned in order to provide more downforce and reduce buffeting.

Black helmet captured from behind.

Schuberth C3 Pro helmets are designed with a rear spoiler.

This Schubert helmet is very light but very stable and strong. The shell is made of fibreglass with a special resin that was carefully pressed into shape under high temperature and pressure and because of that, C3 Pro helmets can endure strong impacts. When it comes to the inner part of these helmets, makers used a Coolmax textile to provide the rider with an optimal climate and cool comfort.

Regarding the noise, interior helmet sound levels have been reduced to 82 dB(A) at 60 mph. The visor on this helmet is made of durable scratch-proof polycarbonate and it comes in many different colors, such as Blue Mirror, Dark Smoke, High Definition Orange and there’s, of course, a completely clear option.

Yellow helmet with a pattern captured from the side.

These helmets come in many different colors and patterns.

Aerodynamics of these Schuberth C3 Pro helmets has been improved with a rear spoiler that improves contact pressure, directional stability. You won’t feel any lift or any influence of the wind at high speeds. On the upper side of the helmet collar, you’ll find reflecting panels. Because od these you’ll be easily seen from far out and that will definitely reduce the risk of accidents.

Black helmet with an open front end captured from an angle.

The Visor on this helmet is made of scratch-proof polycarbonate.

The ventilation system on these helmets is designed to provide the rider  with a constant air stream inside the helmet. Besides that, C3 Pro helmets also have a Schuberth SRC System that will accommodate you with navigation, communication and entertainment. They come in all sorts of colors, such as yellow, grey, blue, matte black, classic black, racing red and many more.

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A man and a woman siting on their bikes with helmets on.

This helmet has large reflective panels on neckroll for increased safety. [source]

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