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If you want to experience how it would be living on a secluded island, we know the perfect destination. The Satellite Island is a small private island in the south of Tasmania, in the D´Entrecasteaux Channel, just off Bruny Island. This beautiful hideaway is only 45 minutes away from Hobart and it’s also a great base for exploring the Bruny Island as well. The island is truly unique and its 34 hectares of land are molded into a whale shape.

Satellite Island offers intact nature and amazing landscapes. You’ll be able to enjoy complete solitude and observe and breathe in untamed scenery filled with breathtaking rocky cliffs, native birds, and vibrant sea life. The island is also a home to a pair of rare white breasted sea eagles. This is a fairly new tourist destination so basically, all of its natural beauty has been preserved: the native bush, blue gums, sheer sea cliffs, sunny coves and pebble beaches. Now, it’s all available to the travelers at heart who want to escape all the big city fuss and mess.

Satellite Island from afar.

Satellite Island is a 34-hectare whale-shaped private island in the south of Tasmania

Satellite Island coastal scenery.

The island is 5 minutes away from Bruny Island and about 45 minutes away from Hobart

The island was once a home to Ian Alstergen, a devoted writer, painter, and poet. Alstergen was never married and he lived alone on this island from which he reaped inspiration and comfort as it reminded him of his homeland, Norway. He had also started an organic salmon farm right here on Satellite Island. Today, the island belongs to his nephew, Will Alstergen who lives there with wife Kate and their three sons. Even though the owner lives on the island, nobody will be in your way and you’ll have virtually the entire island for yourself.

Satellite Island Boathouse from the outside, with a peak inside through the open door.

The island wasn’t open for tourists until recently so you can enjoy the virtually intact nature, rocky cliffs, blue gums, sunny coves and much more

Satellite Island summer house porch with a bird on the fense and the sea in the background at sunset.

Satellite Island is home to a pair of rare white breasted sea eagles

Satellite Island offers you a unique and memorable experience. You can choose whether you want to stay in the Hamptons-style Boathouse or the Summer House. The stylish furniture is carefully incorporated into space for maximum comfort. Another exciting thing is that you will be provided all the ingredients to make DIY meals and have them anywhere on the island. You can have oysters, feast on local venison, free-range eggs, or if you’re more into fish, you can enjoy sustainable abalone, urchin and salmon right from the channel.

Satellite Island Boathouse and dock.

On the island, you can stay in the Hamptons-style Boathouse or in the Summer House

Satellite Island summer house interior, dining room and kitchen.

The meals on the island are DIY but you’ll be provided with fresh local ingredients and the freedom to have dinner in the most romantic places

Check out the video below for a close look:

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