If you’re one of those guys who is a big fan of PC video games, and gaming in general, we have an excellent piece of gaming gear to show you. Gaming consoles and the familiarity of controllers are great but nothing beats a mouse in terms of precision in gaming. Satechi’s Edge Gaming Mouse is the perfect example of this, as it offers precise tracking, an ergonomic design and a couple of really great features which will make your time using this mouse even more pleasant. You might be skeptical about it because it’s a wireless gaming mouse, but even though it does not use a cable, it has no tracking issues.

Satechi Edge modes

This gaming mouse has two operating modes: video control mode and gaming mode

Let’s start with its shape. Its ergonomic design is excellent for the purpose of gaming as it relieves the stress on your hand and its padded ergonomic grips allow you to firmly hold it. The most interesting thing about this mouse is that it has two operating modes, accessed with a simple press of a button. The first mode is “gaming mode” which allow you to perform a double click with just one actual click, removing the need for repeated clicking. The second one is the “video control mode” which changes the function of several buttons, The side buttons gain the function of play/pause and fast forward/backtrack buttons, while the scroll wheel adjust the audio volume.

Satechi Edge shape

Its ergonomic shape was designed with extreme comfort in mind

This gaming mouse also gives you additional options in terms of enhancing its precision with a press of the DPI button. You can choose between  800, 1600, 2400 or 4000 DPI (the larger the resolution of your display, the higher DPI setting you will need). As you shift between DPI options the LED lights found in the Edge logo and scroll wheel will change colors to red, green, purple or blue.

Satechi Edge LED lights

The LED lights in the logo and scroll wheel change colors as you change the DPI setting

The Satechi Edge Gaming Mouse uses two AA batteries which will not add much to the weight of the mouse because it is very light on its own so there will be no tracking issues caused by them. When you take into consideration its ergonomic design, excellent tracking performance, customization options and extremely modest price tag, this gaming mouse should not be overlooked if you are looking for a new one. Especially because gaming equipment of this type and number of features is notoriously expensive.

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