In the vast sea of car accessories the Satechi 5-USB Port 12V Car Socket Extender splitter is a ‘must have’. While it may be an unlikely accessory, it is surely the unsung hero in the modern road trip or long haul drive.

Because, while you may have all those nifty electronic devices you can plug into the car lighter, more often than not you are going to need an additional slot for your phone, your GPS, or even just for your regular car lighter. With this product most, if not all, of your car accessory power needs will be met. Admit it that there’s no better feeling  when you can just sit in your car and drive away without any restrictions so that you can suck in all that feeling of freedom into your lungs. But at some point, all of your available gadgets will run out of battery, and you still need to hit the road back home. If you turned left, then right from the main road, without your GPS system functioning, it will be a challenge to return to your destination. Suddenly, your smartphone is crying for attention to get plugged-in and you need both of these working. With the Satechi USB charger of yours, both the GPS and mobile phone, along with three other devices such as music players, tablets, FM transmitters, radar detectors and much more, can be plugged in simultaneously, thus enabling you to always be prepared for a trip.

Satechi 5 port car socket extender and usb charger

It is extremely easy to use. All you have to do is plug the 5-Port 12V Car Socket Extender into your car’s 12V cigarette lighter socket so you can instantly access 4 12-volt socket and 1 USB port. You can also find an option for ON/OFF Switches. This way you can save power for each of the 4 12-volt sockets has its own on/off switch. You can also easily recognize when the socket is powered on and receiving power by glancing at the red LED which indicates this.

Satechi 5 port car socket extender

What is also great about this Satechi 5-USB port car charger unit is that it not only charges your gadgets inside the car but also does it in a clutter free way. What you should pay attention to is to wind the power cord around the neck of the charger so you can maintain a safe driving environment. When you have checked that, what you should do next is plug the devices you brought in with you into the rear of the charger. From there you can access them through the front on/off switches to keep cords out of the way. Don’t worry, the charger can rotate 360-degrees so you can easily access the front and the rear of the charger. And again don’t worry, this device is compatible with dozens of different kinds of mobile and other devices.

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Satechi 5 port car socket extender

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