The Sandwichbike prototype showed its innovative face back in 2006 and, after lengthy preparation, it is finally ready for commercial production. Basten Leijh, Dutch designer, is the man behind this product that is basically a bicycle that you are supposed to assemble yourself. Sounds difficult?

According to the manufacturer PedalFactory ‘if you can make a sandwich, you can make a Sandwichbike’. And it reportedly takes only 45 minutes to do that.

It is made of wood, which makes it durable and definitely different than any other bike out there. The parts that are delivered in a box that also includes the tools you need in order to assemble the Sandwichbike. The frame is not welded, but rather made from two panels of weatherproof beech plywood that are connected using milled aluminum cylinders.

When assembled, the bike weighs 17kg (37lb) and has dimensions of 175 x 62 x 95 cm which are said to be perfect for riders that are between 160cm (5 foot 2) and 200cm (6 foot 5) of height.

The Sandwichbike costs $1,087 when bought directly from the manufacturer. watch videos below

Sandwichbike Wooden Bicycle

Parts of the Sandwichbike

Sandwichbike Wooden Bicycle

Sandwichbike Wooden Bicycle

Sandwichbike Wooden Bicycle

Sandwichbike Wooden Bicycle Chassis

Gear and rear wheel of the Sandwichbike

Chain of the Sandwichbike

Parts of the Sandwichbike

Man using the Sandwichbike Wooden Bicycle


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