Samsung H7 Wireless Speaker

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As our technology progresses, so does our sound capabilities. However, we all know that the quality that one can get from vinyl far exceeds that of digital recordings. Thanks to the new Samsung H7 Wireless Speaker that was unveiled at CES 2017, this will be a step closer to getting true sound quality.

The H7 apart from looking pretty cool, features some interesting tech that will upgrade your 8-bit and 24-bit sound up to 32-bit. Essentially, this will give us spectacular sound, and all of it wirelessly.

Front view of the Samsung H7 Wireless Speaker

The H7 features an aesthetically pleasing modern metal design.

The H7 also features a sleek, and modern, metal body, as well as, wheel control for intuitive adjustment. Even though it is aesthetically pleasing, the H7’s true beauty lays in the fact that it uses a combination of UHQ audio with a high-quality bass response that allows it to play frequencies as low as 35Hz. Check out the video below.

Rear view of the Samsung H7 Wireless Speaker

All of the inputs can be found on the bottom of the H7. The top wheel controls allow for intuitive volume adjustment and menu selection on the small display found on the top.

The H7 will also be able to play loud enough to fill a room without a problem, and it also cuts out any distortion. Since it was only unveiled at CES recently, there isn’t much information on other technical specifications or pricing, but we look forward to its release.

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