Samsung Family Hub 2.0 Refrigerator


We live in exciting times and the world is changing rapidly around us. In many ways, it can be quite overwhelming, and in others, it is truly remarkable.  To think that this is what the human imagination can achieve through technology. Last year Samsung announced their Family Hub Refrigerator but, as evolution intends, they have recently announced the release of the Samsung Family Hub 2.0 Refrigerator.

Designed to be a part of a connected kitchen, and a vision of the future, the Family Hub 2.0 is both surprising, and useful.

Samsung Family Hub 2.0 Refrigerator synchronized to a smartphone

Every time you close the door, three built-in cameras take a picture of your groceries. These images can be accessed from anywhere in the world on your smartphone so that you know exactly what you need.

At first glance, the most noticeable part of this fridge is that it comes with a 21.5” HD touchscreen. The screen is also WiFi enabled, this allows you to look at everything from recipes, to entertainment, to a calendar, and it can even show case some of your favorite photos, among others. Check out the video below.

Two different views of the Samsung Family Hub 2.0 Refrigerator

Since the screen is WiFi connected, you can do everything from listen to music to watching TV shows; and this doesn’t even include finding some amazing recipes and a variety of other features.

In addition to this, the Family Hub has three built-in cameras. These take a photo every time you close the doors. These photos can then be accessed from anywhere in the world via your smartphone. Essentially, this means that you’ll always know what you have and what you need. The Family Hub also allows you to play some of your favorite music, or catch up with that TV show, while you’re busy cooking. You can also link it to compatible bluetooth speakers. Watch the video below.

Samsung Family Hub 2.0 Refrigerator with open doors

The Family Hub also has a premium cooling system that allows for precise temperature control. The FlexZone (pictured right) can be switched between fridge and freezer with the push of a button.

It also features custom cooling and a FlexZone. The FlexZone is a bottom-right door that can switch between a fridge or a freezer. Switching it is as easy as a push of a button. It also comes with five customizable temperature settings. In addition to this, the Family Hub also comes with a premium three evaporator cooling system for precise temperature and humidity control. [via]

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