For decades on end, the world has been increasingly polluted by garbage, waste and various discarded household and industrial items, and experts have been repeatedly warning that this trend needs to be stopped before the whole planet turns into a humongous landfill that would be no good for any form of life. So, why throw away used shipping pallets if you can repurpose them? That’s probably what the Salvaged Skateboards team had in mind when they set out to create their latest line of boards: made from discarded pallets, each Salvaged Skateboards deck is built to deliver an extraordinary boarding experience and help raise awareness about the fast pace of global pollution.

Pallet skateboard

With the deck made from discarded shipping pallet wood, each board in the new Salvaged Skateboards series is laminated to the maple ply core with skateboard industry-grade adhesive and treated with fine oil finish for improved durability, color and style.

Fitted with Independent Stage II 139 trucks, OJ 63mm Power Rider wheels 101a and Independent 5′s bearings, each of the reincarnated pallets-come-decks measures 7.25 x 29.25 inches, promising tons of street carving and shredding fun.

With a couple of bumps, blemishes, scars and bruises, the weathered-looking repurposed pallet decks tell a story of its own so it’s a cool addition to the gear pile of any eco-aware skateboard lover who wants to show off some mean tricks, look uber-trendy on the ramp and help save the planet at the same time. But don’t let yourself be fooled by their humble battered looks – these decks are 100% capable of withstanding quite a bit of tough skateboarding love due to their careful design, sturdy materials and expert engineering. So, are you ready for a skate ride that will help save the planet from pollution? You’d better be, because your new deck is here, and it’s eager to carve the streets with you onboard this season. [via]

Skateboard made of salvaged pallets

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