Saltwater Powered Hydra Light Lantern


Hydra Light PL-500 was created as an alternative to current portable lighting designs that use replaceable batteries. And there’s a very good reason behind it. According to the Environmental Protection Agencyabout 180,000 tons of batteries are thrown away in America each year. The idea was to cut down the waste and the hassle and make a lantern that doesn’t need batteries.

Hydra Light PL-500 is great for situations where you need light but you’re away from electricity. All you have to do is add salt water inside the lantern and you’ll get instant results. Each lantern contains two easily replaceable parts- a PowerRod and the main body. To activate the light, remove the PowerRod, pour the salt water in and put the PowerRod back. The lantern will generate electricity continuously through its 16 bright LED lights. You can use both seawater and regular tap water that’s mixed with a bit of table salt.

A Guy Camping And Using Hydra Light Lantern

In order for it to work, Hydra Light Lantern needs just salt water.

Hydra Light Lantern is compact and easily portable. It’s approximately 11.7″ high and each rod can last 250+ hours. There’s one more cool thing about it- the lantern has standard USB port and 2.5mm jack, so you can charge other devices as well. If you need more light, use the jack to attach the additional accessory light that’s the size of a palm and has 3 LEDs.

The lantern has a folding handle so you easily carry it. As you use the lantern, the rod will slowly shrink and it should be replaced after some time. Also, to keep the lantern working efficiently, rinse out the sediment and change the salt water periodically. If you want to store it, make sure it’s dry and cleaned and when you need it again, just refill with salt water.

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