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There are lots of different lamps, and you can go to pretty much any furniture or home appliances store and find one that fits perfectly in height, light, looks and everything else. But, if you are an eco-friendly person, there is something new coming soon. It is unique, it is amazingly economical – it is SALt Lamp.

SALt (Sustainable Alternative Lightning) Lamp is produced in the Philippines, where most of their 7000 islands do not have access to electricity. The idea behind it was to create an environmentally and pocket-friendly lamp mostly for the people who don’t have basic life needs, such as lightning, fulfilled. It can last for around 6 months and is totally safe for use.

SALT lamp

The perfect next-generation lamp is here and it is called SALt.

Salt lamp in black and white color

Totally safe and lasts 6 months!

So, how do they actually work? You won’t believe it, but they work on water and salt. Yep, just take a glass of tap water and two teaspoons of salt, and it can work on that for eight hours. The secret is in galvanic cell battery, which powers the LED lamps. It is made of eco materials and it is completely risk-free when it comes to fire accidents. And, as a plus, you can recharge your phone on it – just attach it by USB cable.

Salt lamp charging a smartphone

It runs on water and salt and you can even charge your phone if you attach it to it.

“It isn’t just a product. It’s a social movement” is their motto. The company’s next goa is to sell 100 lamps and donate another 100 to endangered families. You can help by getting one and you won’t be sorry because it’s a very good lamp that runs in a very ecological and cheap way. It can even run on ocean water! Contact the makers on their website for all further information…

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