Have you heard of ‘Nihonshu’? How about ‘Shu’? Or maybe ‘Seishu’? No? But you have heard of sake, the most famous (and very tasty) Japanese alcoholic beverage made from fermented rice which hails from Nara period (8th century C.E.).  Well, Nihonshu, Shu and Seishu are all different words for the same thing – sake, the drink that, just like sushi, is an integral part of the Japanese culture. If you have already tried sake, loved the taste and felt curious as how you could make it yourself, here is something for you – Sake Making Kit.

The kit is the brainchild of Norse Hutchens from Tampa, Florida who turned home brewing into art and passion of his. Sake Making Kit has absolutely everything you need (apart from white raisins and sugar) to make delicious sake in the privacy of your home since it contains very simple and detailed instructions on how to make the home brewing process entertaining and enjoyable.

The kit comprises of the following: one gallon glass carboy, tubing, siphon filter cap and clip, cane siphon, tubing, stopper with hole, airlock, sanitizer, steeping bags, fermenting bucket, yeast, Campden tablets, short-grain polished rice and acid blend.

Hutchens says that Sake Making Kit offers “an approachable recipe and method which will lead the beginner into a wonderfully complex craft of home brewing with a delicious result”. Well, there is no other way to put this claim to the test than to get the kit and start brewing!

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Sake making kit

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