The Oriflamme Sahara Fire Table is one of the most elegant and decorative additions to your garden that we have seen so far. Made from mosaic stone, this table serves both as a coffee table and a fire pit. The table’s burner emanates 65,000 BTUs of heat with the help of a propane tank that is especially designed for the Oriflamme Fire Table range.

The Oriflamme Sahara Fire Table looks very stylish with its light-toned top accented by dark copper ring which will not rust or corrode. It has the height of a standard coffee table (19”), and its stone table top is available in several variations – 42” Round, 40″ Square, 45″ Octagon, and 48″ Round, and a mixture of Bronze Reflective, Platinum Reflective and Black Reflective. The Sahara Fire Table is portable, and complies with the CSA Safety Standards.

Oriflamme fire table

The heat output is controlled by a side knob, while the table comes with several available accessories – an additional propane tank, a vinyl cover and an ice bucket. The burn time is between ten and twelve hours depending on the outside temperature and the height of the flame.

If you want to bring the warmth of Sahara Desert to your back garden or patio, and enhance your outdoor experience and ambiance, this fire table is all you need.

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Sahara fire table by Oriflamme

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