We all agree that the Internet has caused a revolution on an unprecedented scale. It is as useful, as it is dangerous when used uncontrollably or without concern. With this in mind, we have stumbled across a brilliant and affordable device called Safeplug, that can pretty effectively prevent websites from obtaining your IP address, which, in turn, reveals your home address and location.

Safeplug will make sure that the information you make available online is not accessed, sold or abused. The device is so easy to set up, it takes literally only a minute, and it won’t interfere with your web browser while you surf the Internet with anonymity. With Safeplug, you don’t need to open a special browser every single time you want to go online and you keep your personal data private whenever you go online.

safeplug privacy device

Jed Putterman, the CPO of Pogoplug, the company that developed the product, says: „Safeplug is intended to be a mass-market. We wanted to make a family-friendly way to get the protection Tor offers.” For those unfamiliar with the term Tor, this is free anti-traffic analysis software that keeps you safe from network surveillance. In the light of the recent scandal with the NSA, Safeplug could appeal to those Internet users who exceptionally value their privacy, while striving to remain off the grid and under the radar.

How does Safeplug work? You plug it into your Internet router, and then direct your browser to an appropriate Pogoplug’s web page in order to activate Safeplug. That’s it! A very quick and affordable way to have a piece of mind while browsing the Internet. [via]

How Safeplug works

Safeplug device for online browsing privacy

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