SaddleBaby is a hands-free shoulder carrier for your child. Even though it is very simple, it is extremely practical and the idea of making a product like this is great for many reasons.

Just like every generation before us, we think that our world is moving insanely fast, but one thing is for sure, things have never been this hasty. Everyone needs to multitask, and no one can live without technology, which means our hands are mostly busy with holding a cell phone, a camera or any other gadget. But do not despair, because every single day new products just like this one are showing up in order to help us.

Saddlebaby shoulder child carrier

With SaddleBaby you will be able to carry your child on your shoulders just like you always did, but this time your hands will be free, with the child being totally safe. It uses really strong Velcro straps and buckles, which can be adjusted and will keep the child pinned to your shoulders without any chance of falling. With this amazing saddle, your child will enjoy  great comfort in a cushioned seat that is very stable. Also, you will not lack comfort at all, and even the long strolls will not be a problem for you, because the seat grips the shoulders truly well and the materials used are high quality.

SaddleBaby’s producers had an excellent idea and they succeeded in making this helpful and unique thing, to keep your toddler happy for not having to walk beside you while you are carrying groceries, so both of you will be satisfied with it. This carrier is available for $64, which might sound a bit too much, but in our opinion it is totally worth it.

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