Are you one of those people who hate rain very much, but umbrellas even more? I was, until I realized that something different from that stodgy and squeaky monster which we used to call umbrella, was being developed. Meet the Sa Origami Umbrella and make your rainy days more interesting and colorful.

The Sa umbrella got the name through mixture of the three Japanese words: “kasa”, “same”, and “sasu” which are all rain and umbrella related. The designers of this unique umbrella, Nagelberg and Waldman are well known for their tendency towards rethinking of ordinary everyday objects and creating new and improved versions of them. Sa’s mayor improvement lies in the omission of the wired skeleton structure which all traditional umbrellas have and in the interesting origami construction. Just like origami art objects, its canopy consists of two folding parts, bigger upper and smaller lower, which thanks to planar tension between them fold and unfold simultaneously. In that way all those annoying wires of regular umbrellas have become totally unnecessary.

Same goes for the pole of the umbrella which is in this case made of plastic, and therefore much lighter. It is attached to the handle which besides its basic use also serves for folding and unfolding the umbrella, which by the way, has never been easier. To open the Sa, you just need to turn the knob on the handle bottom to one side, and to close it again you just pull that same knob downward. The magnetic edges of the six ridges canopy only contribute to the overall compact structure of the Sa, so, when closed, this umbrella looks perfectly folded. Tip of it is also redesigned, so that it is less pointy and therefore safer to walk around with in public places.

This very stylish umbrella comes in six different colors, and its parts can even be combined so you can match the colors and make the unique combination of your own.

We are really hoping to see this great product on the market soon in order to make our gray, rainy days at least a little more vivid and picturesque. watch video below

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