Rusee | Lightweight Double Camping Hammock (BARGAIN)


When it comes to camping, we have been exposed to the massive world of camping hammocks. They are comfortable, easy to use and make for an exceptional camping experience. Rusee has brought out their latest, the Double Camping Hammock that will make your camping trip unique and fun.

The Rusee Hammock is durable, extremely easy to use and super lightweight for all your hiking or backpacking treks.

Measurements of the Rusee Double Hammock

The Rusee Double Camping hammock is large enough to be used by two people and has a carrying capacity of 660lbs.

This hammock was designed to be extremely durable and they managed to do this by constructing it out of extremely versatile nylon parachute material. It is compatible with all types of environments and it is extremely easy to clean and dries very quickly. Setting it up was designed to be easy since this hammock comes with straps that you simply attach to the trees and then pull tight. It should take no more than 3 minutes and you are ready to chill.

Rusee Double Hammock Straps and carabiners

Setting up this hammock is extremely easy with the included straps and carabiner clips.

The bonus of camping in a hammock is the fact that you are raised off the ground. This means that you won’t be facing any insects and, if it is raised high enough, you need not worry about any wildlife getting to you either. Another bonus point of being raised lays in the fact that you’ll be extremely comfortable and will never have the need to sleep on a hard and rocky surface again.

This hammock can carry two people and has a maximum weight load of 660lbs which means that you can even stow away your backpack and other camping gear in the hammock. The Rusee double hammock can be purchased in a variety of colors.

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