Having trouble riding your bike over those obnoxious piles of snow or sand? Well, Rungu Juggernaut fat trike, a.k.a. Bullfrog Trike by California-based Standard Bearer Machines will certainly change that.

Another one in a series of increasingly popular fat-tired bikes, Rungu easily tackles extreme terrains as it can seemingly float on either snow or sand thanks to its huge soft 4.7-inch tires which make the trike less likely to sink or get stuck on squashy surfaces. On top of that, its original design, consisting of a single wheel in the rear and dual wheel system up front, keeps the fatbike surprisingly stable and well-balanced.

The producer states that the system, featuring 26-inch fat tire front wheels with over 29 inches in projected diameter, helps improve floating over soft surfaces by as many as 50% compared to regular bikes of the kind as it spreads the weight out wider, keeping the bike and its rider upright.

Rungu fat tire bike

With its aluminum frame, extended wheelbase design for better weight distribution and shoulder width front-wheel spacing which helps improve tricycle handling, the Juggernaut Bullfrog Trike is said to be capable of easily overcoming obstacles up to 6” tall at slow speeds and it can also reportedly climb up short flights of steps with no difficulty. Furthermore, Juggernaut is fitted with hydraulic rear brakes and dual front disk brakes that work well in any weather and temperature and its low available gearing is sure to counter any difficult terrain you set out to conquer, such as snowy hills, dunes or sand beaches. The producer also offers the necessary mounting points to convert your Rungu to an e-bike or attach an overhead rack.

All in all, although with its massive weight of 55.8 lb and front dual wheel system Juggernaut may not be precisely an ideal bike for you to take for a simple ride on thin forest trails, it is certainly perfect for transporting surfboards over sand or pulling stuff across the snow. Give it a try – you will love it. [via]

Rungu Fat Trike Bike

Rungu fat trike bike

Rungu fat tire bike

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