Wherever you may go on your trusty bicycle, you’ll still have to bring a few things along with you. Most of us use a standard backpack to store our necessities but that weight on your back can get inconvenient when you’re riding. That’s why you should switch over to the Roswheel Bicycle Dual Pouch, a pouch system which is mounted on the bike so you can ride unburdened. The Bicycle Dual Pouch has a 1.8 liter capacity which means that you can store a lot of smaller items inside, but you’ll still need a backpack for the larger items, unfortunately.

Phone Pocket

Roswheel Bicylce Dual Pouch phone pocket

The phone pocket on this bike pouch is the most appealing feature

One of its most appealing features is the phone pocket. This pocket is suitable for 5.5 inch screen phones and it allows you to keep an eye on the screen of your phone at all times. You can still use your phone after placing it in this pocket which makes it even better, especially for people who like to listen to music while they ride. Just make sure you use Bluetooth headphones, otherwise you’re risking a possible accident with tangled cables. And there’s no need to worry about your phone falling out accidentally, this pocket has a zipper and a padded Velcro cover.

Other Features

Roswheel Bicylce Dual Pouch Velcro strap

The entire pouch is secured by two strong Velcro straps

The Roswheel Bicycle Dual Pouch gets securely mounted on your bike thanks to the two Velcro straps which make sure the pouch, and the stuff inside, don’t move anywhere even along those bumpy rides. To further ensure the safety of your items, the two zippered pockets are padded so your stuff will stay protected. As for its durability, this little dual pouch is made from high quality polyester so there will be no tears on it, plus it’s very comfortable to the touch and water resistant which makes it perfect for those rainy days.

The Roswheel Bicycle Dual Pouch is an incredibly useful items for all cyclists as it makes cycling a lot more pleasant and lets you have instant access to your smartphone at all times.

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Roswheel Bicylce Dual Pouch phone pocket security

In order to make sure that your phone stays in the phone pocket, a zipper and a padded Velcro cover were added

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