Imagine having your own private portable retreat positioned at a picturesque spot halfway between our marvelous Mother Earth and the clear blue skies above. Tons of amazing 360-degree views of the surrounding landscapes, top-rate privacy far from the noisy crowds below, a safe nest floating up in the air and a safe cozy airborne oyster all to yourself – sounds dreamy, doesn’t it? Well, why not turn it into reality? Because now you can actually do that – with Roomoon Hanging Tent, ‘such stuff your dreams are made on’ is just a few clicks away.

Designed by Hanging Tent Company founder Rufus Martin, Roomoon is a spherical tent that can easily be suspended from treetops for your most amazing camping experience ever. Made from extremely durable handmade canvas cover and outfitted with a stainless steel frame held tightly fixed by push pins, Roomoon features a 1.8-meter wide floor crafted from lightweight pine wood for extra safety, zippable openings for easy access and circular cutout windows for optimum flow of fresh air and best lighting conditions.

The Roomoon pine wood boards are fixed together in such a fashion that allows them to be rolled away in order to access a small storage space below, which can be a rather useful feature if you need to store your stuff out of sight and keep your spherical home-away-from-home clean and orderly. Plus, once rolled up, Roomoon collapses into a neat car-sized pack and the floorboards form a handy carrying case to hold your Roomoon canvas cover, frame and other tent accessories all in place for extra-convenient transport.

Roomoon Hanging Tent

Having assembled Roomoon on the ground, you can hoist it up the nearest tree by a special pulley system which draws on the hoist mechanism schemes from the 18th century and includes three heavy-set Dyneema slings. Once hoisted, snuggle up inside Roomoon tree tent with your camera, favorite book and a thermos and you’re all ready for an enjoyable outdoor stay, complete with scenic views of the surroundings, precious seclusion from the rest of the world and relaxing sounds of nature around you.

Thanks to its smart design, the tree tent can be easily assembled and disassembled wherever and whenever it suits you best and since the included zinc-plated chain is made to stand weight up to one ton at heights up to three meters, Roomoon will certainly provide a safe temporary shelter both for you and all your camping gear.

Each spherical Roomoon tent is custom-made to match your camping requirements and the company also offers a handful of neat upgrades, including rugs, beanbags, cushions and integrated LED lights to round off the most pleasant outdoor stay of your life. Simply put, this little tent is the closest to a private airborne haven you can hope to find. So don’t think twice – with Roomoon, you can really have the whole world right there under your feet and still feel safe and comfortable in your portable floating balloon.

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Inside the Roomoon Hanging Tent

Roomoon Hanging Tent

Roomoon Hanging Tent

Tent hanging from a tree

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