Based on the discontinued Buell 1125, the Ronin motorcycle started off as a simple concept and grew into something much more. In all honesty, this motorcycle is as unique as unique can get. Designed in an unconventional way by building on Buell 1125’s partial frame, the guys at Ronin Motorworks LLC have decided to name the motorcycle after the famous Japanese folktale, The 47 Ronin, and to limit the number of motorcycles made to 47 in order to pay homage to it. From front to back, the Ronin doesn’t feel as if it was based on the Buell when it really was. This is likely due to the changes made to the linkage fork, seat and tail light which give it its awe inspiring appearance.

Ronin production

What started as a concept resulted in the production of 47 Ronin motorcycles

The cast aluminum alloy linkage fork used in the Ronin allows it to be steered nimbly and confidently. This design has the advantage over a telescopic fork because its suspension is easily tunable through the Penske mono-shock which allows for finer adjustment for road conditions. The front fender is made from strong and lightweight carbon fiber used to protect the oil cooler and bottom of the radiator from road damage. This brings us to the cooling system. This bike is powered by the amazing Rotax engine which requires the proper cooling system, as it generates insane amounts of heat. A single radiator core was placed right at the front of the bike to utilize the airflow and in turn help cool the engine down. By removing the injection-molded grill, you can easily gain access to the radiator and the compact and stacked low and high beam headlights in order to adjust them. The front of The Ronin is what gives it its aggressive look which works quite well for it.

Ronin linkage fork

The design of the linkage fork allows for finer adjustment for road conditions

As every part of this motorcycle appears to be seamlessly put together, such is the case with the mirrors and signal lights which were integrated at the very ends of the handlebars. A lot can be said about the subframe of The Ronin. Custom made, CNC machined and TIG welded, it will give the best support a rider could ask for. It even allows for easy removal of the seat thanks to the quick release knob.

Ronin front

The injection-molded grill and headlights give the Ronin an aggressive appearance

The design of this motorcycle may be extraordinary but the only thing better than it is the aforementioned Rotax engine and drivetrain. Each of these bikes were individually tuned to have a balance between power and engine performance. Due to the overheating issues of the Buell 1125, new fuel mapping was required, along with the free-flow intake and exhaust system, to eliminate this issue. If you want to further reduce the risk of overheating you can tune The Ronin so it can operate at a lower RPM. If your interest has been piqued by this bike, keep in mind that there are only 47 made and hurry up if you want one. [via]

Ronin Buell 1125 frame

This is the frame of the Buell 1125 on which the Ronin was built upon

Check out a video about the Ronin 47 Motorcycle by Ronin Motorworks.

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