If you’re about to set off for a long, sunny day at the beach or are planning a camping trip up in the mountains with your favorite tent mates, it’s a good idea to bring along some board games to keep boredom at bay on the seashore or by the fireside. Still, board games take up quite a bit of storage space in your backpack so choosing the one that’s lightweight and compact enough may not be such an easy task. Don’t worry – with new Roll-Up Board Games recently released by backpacker specialists at Sondergut, Germany, it becomes super-simple to travel light and still have a fun way to spend your spare time on an outdoor adventure.

Sondergut roll-up board games

With its classic board games designed to be super-light, extremely packable and highly compact, Sondergut has you all covered when it comes to fun and games on the go. In each Sondergut roll-up package, you get a full-size hand-sewn roll-up board made from genuine leather or suede and fitted with a zippable pocket that includes all the dice, checkers, cubes and instructions you need for the game. Pick a Roll-Up Chess Game or a Roll-Up Backgammon Game and pass the time in the best way on your traveling adventures.

Sondergut Roll-Up board games

When you’re done playing, simply toss the figurines and play bits inside zippered pocket for safe storage and easy transport, and you’re all set to go. Each leather or suede board rolls up to the size of a compact pocket umbrella (10 x 2 inches) and weighs less than eight ounces so you won’t feel like you’re lugging around a brick and a half of extra luggage just for fun’s sake.

Sondergut Roll-Up board games

Sondergut board measures 10 x 12-2/3 inches when opened up and its texture is rich and pleasant to touch which means that your comfort and satisfaction during the game are guaranteed. When rolled up, Sondergut board games can easily fit in your carry case, backpack or handbag so they’ll always be close at hand should boredom strike on your outdoor explorations.

A perfect Christmas gift for avid backpackers, campers and other modern-day nomads, Sondergut roll-up boards let you play your favorite games anywhere and anytime you like.

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Chess roll-up board game

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