The Rokon Mototractor for Hunters is an amazing and lightweight vehicle, capable of handling all terrains in a much more effective way than motocrossers or even ATVs would. Because of its small size, Rokon’s all wheel drive will help you traverse rocky, muddy and steep terrain all the while hauling large amounts of gear. In fact, Rokon’s tires get better grip on terrain if you have gear on it because the added weight provides additional traction. As for the amount of gear this cycle can carry, it was designed for hunters so being capable of hauling large game like deer and elk will be a breeze on this bike.

 Rokon’s Terrain Traversing

Rokon reliability

This vehicle was designed to provide maximum reliability under any and all conditions

For a bike of its size, it’s simply amazing how well it can tackle challenging terrain. Steep rocky hills will prove to be a walk in the park with the Rokon as its tractor tires provide sufficient grip, making it capable of overcoming 60% grade climbs. However, it wasn’t built for speed because it’s main selling point here is reliability. Motocrossers can get to the destination faster, but even these machines are limited when it comes to tough terrain.

Rokon terrain traversing

The Rokon is small and lightweight, but that doesn’t stop it from being capable of taking on tough terrain

With the Rokon, you can easily go over even large bodies of water. Water depths up to 24 inches will be no challenge at all because you can ride over them, while greater depths will make you appreciate Rokon’s floating features. It was equipped with hollow drum wheels to let it float with no damage and these wheels can be used to store up to 2.5 gallons of extra fuel or water if you aren’t going to go over water. This brings us to another aspect of Rokon’s reliability. In order to make it always ready to go, this bike has both an electric and pull start, making ignition always possible.

Rokon’s Gear Hauling and Towing

Rokon storage

Among its many gear storing options, the Rokon has a rifle rack so you can easily access your weapon

Although the Rokon can achieve great speeds, it can tow up to 2000 lbs of weight which is a feature that can be put to great use in a survival situation. As for carrying gear, you can store around 400 lbs worth of equipment on it or, like we already mentioned, a deer or an elk if you are a hunter. Rokon has a rifle rack on its handlebars so you can carry your hunting weapon on it with easy access and it has a gear rack on both the front and back wheels, the back one being a lot larger. Along with that it has two side cases which you can fill with either tools or smaller gear. Carrying  full camping and hunting equipment won’t be too difficult with the Rokon because of the amount of space it offers and the fact that it can handle all that weight.

Rokon, as a mototractor designed for hunters will make a lot of difference when you’re out on tough terrain as it will easily go over any obstacle and let you carry every bit of gear which you require to make your hunting trip worthwhile.

Take a look at the official Rokon promo video below.

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