Ripples Of Time Sand Clock | By Studio Ayaskan


We’re so often obsessed with time, always in some kind of a hurry, always late. Time has become our master and we still don’t understand it at all. In the space-time continuum, time’s the fourth dimension. All the three points of time, the past, the present, and the future, are just our fiction and a part of a single continuum. A plastic presentation of how time (re)shapes the elements is brought to you by Studio Ayaskan, in the form of the Ripples Of Time Sand Clock.

This sand clock is inspired by Zen gardens and it’s a creative and beautiful representation of both time and space. The Ripples Of Time presents how time shapes and alters natural materials, thus reminding us of its presence. The clock has only one sweeping hand that gradually creates the ripples in the sand to represent A.M. hours and flattens them to represent the P.M. hours. Of course, the pattern’s slowly altering over the period of twelve-hour cycles.

Ripples of Time Sand Clock, zoomed.

This sand clock has only one sweeping hand that makes and flattens ripples in the sand.

This clock may not be very accurate, but it’s a real work of art that’ll have you mesmerized and make you reflect. There are no alarms, bells, or whistles, no digital numbers or apps that control it. There’s only one hand that has its movement restricted to the concise circular arc. Yet, the Ripples Of Time sand clock will help you understand time better by replicating the landscapes and cycles that normally occur in nature.

Ripples of Time Sand Clock on a window sill.

The hand makes the ripples represent the A.M. hours and flattens them to represent P.M. hours.

This is a mesmerizing timepiece made by Studio Ayaskan in London, and they’ve made plans to complete the installation with a Water clock that’s supposed to tell time through concentric circles of waves that ripple by the second. At this time, we’ve only seen the Ripples of Time Sand Clock that seduces with a meditative play on the landscape raking across a bed of sand. The ripples represent each hour of the day, but the point isn’t in accuracy but in the reflection of the nature of time.

Ripples of Time Sand Clock on a grey background surface, laid.

This clock isn’t very accurate, but it’s an artwork designed to also make you reflect.

Check out how it works here: