Ripchair 3.0 | The Ultimate Off-Road Wheelchair

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Many people in the world today are challenged by mobility and, in many instances, this excluded them from partaking in many activities. However, thanks the great minds at Howe and Howe Technologies, this is no longer the case since they have just created the ultimate off-road wheelchair, the Ripchair 3.0!

With a wide range of customizable options and the ability to go absolutely anywhere, the Ripchair was built for you.

Man using the Ripchair 3.0 in sand dunes

Snow, sand, water or mountains, the Ripchair 3.0 was built to handle it.

The perfect combination between durability, power and maneuverability, the Ripchair amalgamates all of this into an easy to use and understandable platform. Designed for ease of use, the Ripchair is compatible with most power chairs and self-powered wheel chairs. You simply back it up the ramp and then a locking mechanism locks your chair in place and you’re ready to rip up any terrain! Don’t forget to check out the awesome video below!

Side view of the Ripchair 3.0 with a man sitting in it.

The Construction-grade tracks and hydraulic system was designed to handle punishment and give you the freedom that you deserve!

The Ripchair is constructed out of lightweight aerospace grade aluminum and features a dual construction-grade track and hydraulic system that is powered by a 29-horsepower 4-stroke engine that can reach speeds of 8-10 mph. The controls were designed for ease of use as well and can be used either as a joystick or lever control and the entire Ripchair has a 10” inch clearance as well as a 60 percent climb rate.

Ripchair 3.0 in mud

Not even mud can stand up to the 29-horsepower 4 stroke engine.

To top this all off, the Ripchair comes with a variety of accessories that include a 27 Watt rear flood light, a 72 Watt front LED light, cargo components, hunting rifle/ fishing rod holder, a cup holder and a Class 2 receiver as well as an emergency override and safety alarm. It can also be customized for shooting systems, 4 D-ring tow points, an auxiliary outlet, a 5000lb winch and comes in a selection of colors.

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