It’s always a good time to go surfing if you’re fit and eager enough – but what about your score? Wouldn’t it be cool to have a gadget that could track your on-wave performance like a host of smart running, swimming and biking wrispieces do for multisport athletes? Well, believe it or not, that special surfing watch has finally arrived so now you can always keep an eye on your wave-shredding stats and scores by a simple press of a button on your Rip Curl Search GPS Surf Watch.

A surfer’s next best buddy, the Rip Curl Search GPS Surf Watch packs advanced GPS and motion sensors to provide reliable info on all the ins and outs of your surfing sessions. This sturdy waterproof watch combines top-of-the-crop fitness tracking features to carefully monitor stats such as the number of the waves you conquered, top riding speeds, distance shredded and distance paddled, total session duration and surfing locations. All the vital data is shown on a neat white-on-black power-sipping monochrome LCD display, and for added versatility and more detailed feedback, you can also sync the wrispiece with the companion application on your mobile device. Through the Rip Curl Search application, you can easily access and view your surfing log on a larger screen and even map your surfing course, so you can plan your next surfing spree on best waves in advance or share your pics and graphics on social networks.

Rip Curl Search GPS watch

Hardware-wise, Rip Curl Search GPS Surf Watch does look a bit bulky but it feels surprisingly comfy and incredibly lightweight once you put it on. The ultimate surf watch comes in black and white, with outer casing and straps made from waterproof silicone polymer, while the belly sports a carbon fiber shell outfitted with contact plates for simple battery recharge.

Rip Curl Search GPS watch

Functional buttons are found on the sides of the watch (one on the left and two more on the right side) so you can easily set all the watch basics such as time and tide data, alarms and backlight control. Once you hit the water, you can access the ‘Go Surf’ mode on your smart timepiece which keeps track of your wave count, top speed, distance traveled and GPS location. Once you’ve done surfing for the day, simply pair your surf watch with Rip Curl’s Search application on your iOS device via Bluetooth or hook it up to the Mac and Windows computers via USB charging cord for instant syncing, and the stats from your last surfing trip will immediately turn into a map of your wave-shredding session with detailed reports on each caught waves, longest ridden wave and your surf rating. The smart surf wearable boasts a serious battery that can deliver around 10 hours of performance tracking so with some love and care, your Rip Curl will always be there for you when you need prompt score feedback on the waves.

A perfect extra for both amateur and professional surfers, Rip Curl Search GPS Surf Watch shows you all the vital wave-borne performance info right there, at your wrist, all with the aim of helping you take your surfing skills to the next level as quick as flash and with minimum effort. watch video below

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