Like to fiddle with tools, tinker around and fix stuff now and then? Check out Ringtool, the world’s most compact multi-tool crafted by New York-based designer Jonathon Sabutis to provide maximum functionality in minimal form.

The result of countless conversations and testing with cyclists, mechanics, architects, designers and material experts and based on the designer’s experiences in long-distance bike touring and city cycling, Ringtool brings together nine essential tools fixed on a small circular-shaped key ring. The multi-tool can be easily slipped onto a chain to keep it available at all times, without adding significant bulk to your pockets. Despite its slight weight (it weighs one ounce or so), the Ringtool is made from the hardened and tempered stainless steel used by Leatherman, so it’s strong and durable enough to last a couple of lifetimes.


The multi-tool packs the toolware essentials, comprising a bottle-cap opener, 3-milimeter hexhead, 4-milimeter hexhead, 5-milimeter hexhead, 6-milimeter hexhead and 8-milimeter hexhead, as well as a flathead driver, a phillips driver and a torxhead t25 driver. You can use the key ring for on-spot bike adjustments, furniture assembling, screw tightening, beer opening and various other daily needs. The Ringtool is dead-easy to use too, much like the turning of a door key, and though it’s not meant to replace more complex rescue tools, it will certainly come in handy in case of an emergency or spontaneous need. The designer successfully raised over $48,000 on Kickstarter to upgrade the prototype to the production model which removed the 2mm hex wrench and included extended tool heads.

Compact, simple, lightweight and versatile, Ringtool is probably all you’ll ever need in your daily tinkering, and it also comes at an affordable price so make sure you grab yourself a piece.

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Ringtool multi tool

Ringtool bottle opener

Ringtool bike multi tool


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