In our Top Electric Cars list we have already mentioned the Rimac Concept One and called it ‘probably the most-anticipated electric car’ and, should it prove to be what the manufacturer claims it will be, ‘the future of the entire industry’. So, what makes this car so special?

First of all, the timing. Electric cars are very popular and almost all respectable manufacturers have at least announced their hybrid or electric models. Tesla currently rules the electric cars world, but there are loads of others, some fairly remarkable, like the Audi R8 E-Tron. So, the timing is perfect. Electric cars are becoming more common and more popular, but they are still far less common then cars with internal combustion engines. Fairly exclusive, but not a complete novelty.

Rimac Concept One Electric Supercar

Inside the Rimac Concept One Electric Supercar

Secondly, the numbers. Aaahhhh, those numbers. The Rimac Concept One will have 1,088 hp and 1,200 lb-ft of torque. This mind numbing power provides the acceleration to 60 mph in just 2.8 seconds and the top speed of 189 mph limited to this number due to the need to preserve energy. And where the hell are you going to drive it any faster, although 1,088 hp should be able to provide even more speed?

Thirdly, the design. The Rimac Concept One looks like a car that a comic book hero would drive. Sleek lines, aggressive and confidence inspiring shape, with large wheels and narrow windows are what first draws attention, but there are loads of other design solutions, such as the ‘tunnel’ taillights. There are two seats – this is a supercar, after all – but the two lucky people will have plenty of luxury and plush materials to enjoy. Massive touchscreen on the central console helps control the car’s features and it is clearly based on the Tesla S’s solution, although it looks a lot better placed. The instrument cluster looks very futuristic and unique. Both the driver and the passenger will feel cocooned inside the deep and supportive leather seats. However, what I personally love about the interior is the steering wheel. I just love massive, thick-handle, flat-bottomed wheels which look simple like this one. Thank you, Rimac.

Interior of the Rimac Concept One Electric Supercar

Side view of the Rimac Concept One Electric Supercar

And, lastly, every electric car is bound to have loads of tech-features. Let’s put aside comfort perks and just mention that the Concept One has a completely new system with four permanent magnet electric motors, each one powering just one wheel. Moreover, the “All Wheel Torque Vectoring System” is a step further from the universally praised Torque Vectoring System and it controls each wheel separately and that at the rate of 1,000 times every second making sure your cornering is precise, safe and immeasurably fun. The same feature allows you to control the potency of the car, allowing you to choose the type of drive (switching between front and rear – the first car with this ability) and the amount of oversteer or understeer. Basically, this means that you can (reluctantly) give your mother-in-law the Concept One key and not worry that she will not be able to drive it. Take the key back, set the car to oversteer and sway through curves. You get ‘more cars in one’ and they all look amazing.

The biggest problem with electric cars is their range. However, 1,400 cells in the 91 kWh battery give the Rimac Concept One the range of 310 miles, which is similar to loads of other supercars, many of which can’t even come close to the Concept One’s abilities. watch the video below

Rimac Concept One Electric Supercar

Rimac Concept One Electric Supercar

Rimac Concept One Electric Supercar

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