RIF6 Mobile Projector


If you thought your big screen TV was the coolest thing to gather friends around for movie nights, you still haven’t heard of the RIF6 Cube Mobile Projector. This small device projects the image from your iPhone 6, SD card or any other HDMI/MHL device to a 120’’ display on your wall, ceiling, tent or any other surface. This 2-inch cube-shaped projector has its own internal speaker, Micro SD card reader and HDMI input cable to provide a sharp and clear picture so you can enjoy the big screen experience anytime and anywhere.

The RIF6 Mobile Projector is a smart gadget to take camping, use it to create a home cinema, take it to the office to create impressive presentations and much more. If you like reading books on Kindle before you go to sleep, a cool thing you can do is project the book on the ceiling for an easier reading experience. This projector features LED digital based light source that provides excellent picture quality and stunning colors in any surrounding.

RIF6 Mobile Projector on the palm of a hand with a white background.

The RIF 6 mobile projector is a 2 inch portable projector compatible with any HDMI/MHL device

The Cube RIF6 Mobile Projector has a rechargeable battery that can last for 90 minutes of continuous playback, which is enough to watch some movies in whole. This is pretty impressive for a 2-inch aluminum box. The Micro HDMI connection enables you to project images at 854×480 VGA with virtually no image distortion. The DLP Brilliant Color technology is used to make the colors even brighter, richer and more natural. Although it features internal speakers and a headphone jack, the projector also has an audio port for customizing the audio with an external source. The lifespan of the projector is estimated to 20,000 hours of 50-Lumen playback.

RIF6 Mobile Projector

This mini projector projects a clear 854×480 image onto a 12” display and it has its own internal speaker

The accessories included in the package along with the RIF6 Mobile Projector are a flexible tripod stand, a remote control and a charger, as well as Micro USB Cable, HDMI Cable (for Apple & PC), MHL Cable to 5 pin (for Android), MHL Cable to 11 pin (for Samsung). The power port allows you to charge the device using any traditional power outlet. Thanks to the compact design of the Cube, you can take it with you anywhere; connect it to your phone, camera, laptop or even a gaming console and enjoy premium quality picture on a 120’’ display.

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RIF6 Mobile Projector

The RIF6 features LED digital based light source with 20,000-hour lifespan and it comes with a tripod stand, a charger, and a remote control

Check out the video for more information and for instructions:

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