After Ricoh WG-20, there was nothing other to expect than Ricoh WG-30, which is accompanied by Ricoh WG-30W. Now, let’s see what new Ricoh Imaging Company has in store for us.

We are already used to their high-quality cameras, so the expectations on these two are high as well. Let’s start with what the company claims its best feature is: waterproof rating. Namely, these cameras are waterproof up to 12 meters, which means they function perfectly 12 meters under water. Also, they are shockproof against falls from 1.5 meters, so if you are a bit clumsy, or you have children, you don’t have to wave goodbye to your camera if it slips out of someone’s hands. Another feature is being freeze-proof up to -10°C, so taking pictures of some magic winter moments can be your thing.

As for the design, it comes in four colors: ebony black, vermilion red, carbon grey, and flame orange. No matter which color you choose, you will definitely get an outstanding camera that looks a little bit edgy, and has some eye-catching details.

Now, let’s have a peek inside, and review its functions. When we said high-quality camera earlier, we meant (among other things) 16 megapixels, so you will not only enjoy high resolution images, but also Full HD 1080 pixels video recording. It also has a back illuminated CMOS image sensor that gives you light sensitivity of up to ISO 6400.

What’s different between these two models is that RICOH-WG30W has Wi-Fi connection. You can connect it to your smartphone and enjoy all the features it offers, such as sharing pictures on social networks, etc.

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Ricoh WG-30 and WG-30W Ricoh WG-30 and WG-30W Waterproof Ricoh cameras

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