Renault Kangoo Camper Travelpack | By OVICUO

When a re-vamped Renault Kangoo was launched in 2003, the critics called it “a remarkably spacious, highly flexible, and eminently practical people carrier”. Now, the French car maker has gone a step further by teaming up with Spanish design studio Ovicuo to reconfigure the Kangoo to suit outdoor lovers and nature enthusiasts. The result is a new camper van called Kangoo Camper TravelPack.

So, how did they transform the ordinary Kangoo into a mini-caravan?

Rear view of the Renault Kangoo Camper TravelPack

By adding a lightweight pull-out unit that includes a sleeping and eating area. Additionally, there is also a cooking section which can be also accessed by pulling out the portable unit. Renault Kangoo TravelPack is a wonderful camper van for two. It is a bed & kitchen on wheels, a step up from a tent, not quite a motorhome, and certainly not an ordinary camper.

Kitchen sink and storage units in the Renault Kangoo Camper TravelPack

Kangoo TravelPack is only 4.21 metres long and it offers all the amenities of a small motorhome – a bed for two (1.20 x 1.90 m), kitchen, fridge / freezer of 40 litre capacity, pantry and sink with clean tank water. It comes with a set of foldable table and two stools. If you would like to use Kangoo TravelPack as a regular everyday car, you can do that too. The innovative design allows quick and easy removal of the portable unit for safe keeping in the garage or storage.

Stove burner in the Renault Kangoo Camper TravelPack

The Kangoo TravelPack has been selected as a finalist for the prestigious international design award DELTA 2013 which is given out by the Spanish Association of Industrial Design. watch video below

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Sleeping area of the Renault Kangoo Camper TravelPack

Camp set up with the Renault Kangoo Camper TravelPack by Design Studio Ovicuo

Open trunk of the Renault Kangoo Camper TravelPack

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