If your iPhone camera just can’t seem to capture images in as much detail and color as you would like it to, there’s no need to go and shop for a handpiece with a higher resolution or better optics – simply snap on the Relonch camera onto your phone and off you go. Recently introduced at the Photokina show, the Relonch camera is a smart accessory that attaches to your iPhone, allowing you to take high-end looking images and share them with those you care about.

Compatible with iPhone 5, 5S and 6, Relonch sports an APS-C sized sensor (somewhat larger than the one found in standard point-and-shoot cameras), 50mm-equivalent fast prime f2.0 lens for improved photo quality (similar to the quality of magazine-print photos up to 41 megapixel), a unique image processor for automatic image tonality editing and a single shutter-release button for simple photo capture. Once you’ve latched the Relonch onto the back of your iPhone, all you have to do is download the accompanying application, follow a straightforward lens and sensor synchronization procedure and voila – your new advanced photography kit is ready to use.

Relonch Camera and phone case

Since the camera connects to your iPhone via the Lightning port, there’s no need for an active Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connection for image file transfers, or any bulky SD cards and other photo storage capacities – once you’ve captured the shot, Relonch camera automatically saves your images directly onto the camera roll and backs it up through iCloud. For photography enthusiasts looking to improve their amateur shots, there’s also a handful of smart editing options such as the Fancy Pictures mode which renders shabby-looking shots into genuine camera masterpieces with crisp lines, accurate field depth, blurred background, balanced soft colors and accents, or the Guru mode which provides instructions and advice, allowing you to learn the subtle knacks of professional photography – all with the help of the easy-to-use Relonch application.

Relonch Camera features

And though some may complain about the relatively small image size (1,024×1,024 pixels in the working prototype), the company reps say that the final Relonch version may sport better resolution and larger file size options – plus, the delivery edition of this little smart cam should also serve as a handy external battery to extend the life of your iPhone by over four hours of extra juice.

Due to start shipping in late 2015, the smart camera module is already available for preorder on the Relonch homepage so if you’re looking to take your photographic skills to the next level and share your masterpieces on social networks in a matter of seconds from the capture, all you need to do is order your new iPhone camera add-on as soon as possible. With Relonch, creating photography masterpieces is as simple as it gets. watch the video below

Relonch Camera

Relonch Camera button

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