Relic Portable Brick Oven


We all know that making pizza in a brick oven gives it the best taste. Other ovens, cookers and grills just can’t reach that kind of temperature. Also, if you want to build a brick oven it’s costly, takes lots of space and once you build it, you can’t move it anywhere. Relic Portable Brick Oven is designed to solve all those problems. It’s extremely durable, modular and can be moved.

Relic Portable Brick Oven is made from layered heat-proof composite stone that’s shock resistant, weatherproof and lightweight. The oven is well insulated, can reach high temperatures really fast and once it does, it will maintain that kind of temperature. Once it gets to 800°F+, you’ll be able to cook a pizza in just 90 seconds.

Relic Oven On A Table

Relic Oven is modular and portable. It can quickly reach and maintain high temperatures.

Another important feature is its modular design. The top has three parts and the base floor comes in two options. Depending on what base floor you choose, you’ll be able to place Relic Portable Brick Oven on either an outdoor table or a 22” model Kettle grill. This means you can cook in the back yard, balcony, on the road or wherever you choose. To set it up, it doesn’t take more than 30 seconds.

Relic Oven On A Grill Outdoors

Setting up Relic Oven is easy and takes little space. You can place it on a table, but also on a 22” model Kettle grill.

Relic Portable Brick Oven is currently being funded on Kickstarter. Depending on the pledge, you can get all sort of cool extras like coasters, pizza peels, firestones and charcoal ring mounts. watch video below

Making A Pizza In The Relic Oven

It takes more time to make a pizza than it does to cook it in the Relic Oven. Once the temperature gets to 800°F+, pizza will be done in just 90 seconds.

Don’t forget to check out this video and see how it looks like to cook in Relic Portable Brick Oven. 

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