Rebuilding the Kitchen: Top Tips for a Large DIY Project

Are you thinking of renovating the kitchen? It’s a big job that usually means starting from the ground up. Knocking everything down and starting from scratch can be a big job, but it will be worth it when you have a kitchen to be proud of.

If you’re thinking of doing up your kitchen, follow our guide for all the details on the hottest renovation tips. We cover everything from exposed brick walls to kitchen laminate flooring. Read on for all the details.

The Cabinets

A furniture staple unique to the kitchen is your cupboards – and design has exploded with ideas for them in the past few years. Basically, the only rule to stick to with kitchen cupboards is that they need to fit and be installed well to look as good as they can.
Once upon a time, the options for kitchens were to go with wood or white. That’s it. But as fashion changes, a lot of colours have been injected into kitchens. Cabinets now come in forest green, stone grey, navy blue, mustard yellow and even black.

At the moment, the fashion appears to be to stick to muted colours that will go with the greys and whites of appliances like fridges and washing machines, and that you can liven up with accessories around the kitchen. Add copper or gold handles, a few plants, and some coordinating mugs or plates and you will have a vibrant kitchen that you’ll want to stay in.

The Floor

When looking for kitchen flooring, you have loads of options. We all know that carpets aren’t practical, and, in fact, look bizarre. It would be up there with drinking a glass of water while walking down the road. Nothing technically wrong with it, just weirds you out.
So, wood flooring is your best option.

There are loads of laminate flooring options to fit every style. If you’re looking to make something homey and welcoming that’s a communal area, you can take a look at the various warm shades of laminate flooring. If you’re going for something more stylish, that feels like a calmer French Michelin kitchen, filled with cool tones and geometric shapes you can look at some of the white or stone-grey laminate flooring options.

The Walls

A kitchen allows for more options than most rooms in the house when it comes to walls, and because most of your walls are taken up with cabinets and appliances, it’s usually a very quick and affordable change.

If turning all your cabinets a bright colour feels too much for you, you can instead focus on the exposed walls peeking out around your appliances and cupboards. Take advantage of the natural light coming in your kitchen and go for pastel on the walls, with light laminate wood counters, or choose a bold colour like green, brown, or orange to evoke nature. It’s more of a hint than a statement.

And then there is the tile to think about. Do you want patterned tiles to bring out some personality, or would you like uniform tyles to go with your chic kitchen that Nigella could be seen cooking in?
Why not go for some exposed brick for a cutting edge look in your new kitchen? The main perk of the industrial style is that flaws become features. That beam you can’t get rid of? It’s supposed to be there. The metal above the fridge? Goes with the rest of the metal in the room and the brick walls.

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