Reasons to Love Boku No Hero Academia

Most would have mentioned Naruto or One Piece, and some may choose Dragon Ball Z or Full Metal Alchemist as an excellent anime concept. Still, there is one anime that most people would relate to because of the one idea that most people feel strongly about, which is bullying.

My Hero Academia, or in its Japanese translation, Boku no HīrōAkademia, talks about a time where most people in the world have superpowers or quirks. There are the usual heroes and villains fights, but the main protagonist, IzukuMidoriya, is the one character that people can relate to in the story.

Let us go over some of the reasons you might find why you should love the series.


Well, here is a character that covers a lot of ground with the anime. As his quirk is already strong in the first part of the anime, they already expected him to succeed and win.

Although with Katsuki, he has always been hearing praises that he has a strong quirk, and is often relied upon in competitions or tests to see who is the strongest, which has unfortunately molded him into a bully. It gives him the tenacity to succeed, although his personality leaves a lot to be desired.

We also cannot blame Katsuki for having such a personality, because his strength is often a cause for concern for some heroes, which makes them observe him and find out his weaknesses. It is often infuriating to find that people do this behind your back, but in reality, if you are the one person who always succeeds, people who would wish for your downfall will always be there in the shadows.

Although there will be that one person who will look up to you despite your flaws and will strive to win against you, all for the sake of friendly competition. Katsuki often goes beyond what people expect, but his desire to win every time helps in dire situations.

It is also noteworthy to remember that despite his anti-hero personality; he has accepted none of the offers given to him by the main antagonist, TomuraShigaraki, to join the villain ranks.

The Storyline Seems More Relatable

In seeing the characters grow as the series progresses, the ones in Boku No Hero Academia seems to be more relatable to others as they become not just with their powers, but in their maturity and personality.

If you get to think about how Naruto has progressed from the start to the finish of the series, some people could not feel at ease. Even Itachi identifies his weakness and characterizes Naruto as someone who barges into action and asks questions later, which is unhelpful in sticky situations.

Once you get to see how IzukuMidoriya progresses in My Hero Academia, people would often relate to him because of how he strived and worked hard to be a hero. The times when he faced a lot of tricky situations, there would surely be individuals who can see themselves in Izuku. His spirit and determination to win are an inspiration for some who watch the anime and makes the anime hit closer to home for its viewers.

You can also look at All Might as the quintessential superhero of them all, but the creator has put him in a light where he can still be human and would need to depend on others to survive. There is also the concept of him sharing his strength with others, which may drive loyalty for his followers and may seem to viewers that all can achieve strength if people learned to work together.

Last Words

People might think that the quirks that are being shown on the anime are outrageous, but these quirks relate to the heroes who have them and adds a bit of flair to the personality that the anime creator wanted them to have.

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