Bicycles have become a somewhat dangerous means of transportation. Taking in consideration all the careless drivers and the fact that streets are getting more and more cluttered having some additional protection is very handy. RearViz is just the thing. It is probably the most versatile and adjustable rear view mirror for cyclists.

The RearViz is not the first rear view mirror for cyclists. In fact, similar products have existed for a while now, but they are supposed to be mounted on handlebars, or a helmet. Both options have big downsides that have become easily overcome by one single idea that is featured in the RearViz. It is mounted on the cyclist’s arm.

Cyclist using the REARVIZ

The mirror is just the right size and convex and you can fold it into the protective housing when it’s not in use. It is surprisingly flexible and it can be opened to any angle and rotated 360 degrees. The housing and the mirror are attached to a breathable Velcro armband for complete comfort.

2 cyclists using the REARVIZ

Additional perks of this product and its unusual placement is the fact that the mirror mounted on your body is a lot less shaky than the one mounted on the handlebars and that the field of view is changed by simple move of your arm, rather than moving your hand, or even worse, turning handlebars. As we said, when not in use it simply folds into the housing and ends up looking like a neat wristband, which is great for commuters.

With two options available – the Classic and the Standard – you can also choose the price. The Classic starts at $44 and it features a better build quality, an ID tag for emergency contacts and more comfortable armband. The cheaper option will set you back $33. [via] watch video below

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REARVIZ mirror for cyclists

REARVIZ arm mirror

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