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We’ve all heard tales about people that end up in one or other survival situation and they had an essential tool with them that saved their lives. Well, we suppose that’s why they are called EDC’s (Everyday Carry Essentials), and the case is no different than with the Readyman Fisherman’s Survival Card that can really save your life.

Small, compact and ready to be used in any situation, the Fisherman’s Survival Card was built to save your life.

Readyman Fisherman's Survival Card on a mossy rock

With over 22 different tools for catching fish, this is something that every man needs in his pocket.

When we said small and compact, you probably didn’t think as small as a credit card and only weighing in at 0.01lbs. It can easily slide into your wallet and to make it even more impressive, you’ll be pleased to know that this survival card is constructed out of 0.65mm stainless steel that won’t rust and is quite strong.

Even though it is small, the Fisherman’s Survival Card features 22 different tools for catching fish that includes 9 single hooks (Small, Medium and Large), 3 Double Hooks (Small, Medium and Large), 1 Treble Hook, 1 Quad Hook, 5 different Lures, a fish scaler and a saw.

Stack of Readyman Fisherman's Survival Card

Constructed completely out of 0.65mm stainless steel, weighing only 0.01lbs and only the size of a credit card, the Fisherman’s Survival Card can slide easily into your wallet.

Pretty impressive right? The survival card is proudly made in the USA and was designed by a 28 year Special Forces Veteran that knows all there is to know about surviving in the wild. So, be it that you find yourself in a survival situation or that you simply want to have some fun, the Readyman Fisherman’s Survival Card is the optimal tool to have in your wallet.

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